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Your Wellbeing Professionals

Opening Ceremony



Laura Currie

WAW Founder &

Meditation Facilitator

We will be opening the ceremony with a beautiful guided meditation created specifically for 'We Are Women Festival' Plus a cacao ceremony & Crystal Singing Bowls. We will give thanks to all who have felt called by this festival to partake in one way or another.



Laila Nippress

Yoga Instructor


Join Laila for a lovely yet gentle morning yoga session. Wake up the body and get ready to enjoy a fun filled day! Great all over stretch, helping the body to loosen up, relax the muscles and de-stress.



Ecstatic Dance

Davinder Ojalla


This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in vibrant health, celebrating life & enjoying the power of music to heal and transform Mental, Emotional & Physical blocks to our higher potential.

A safe space to dance like no one's watching - without talking, drinking or the usual nightclub vibe - a space to meet like-minded souls who want to have some fun & freedom from the stresses of school, work, life...

Wholistic Core Restore


Bianca Talyarkhan


Body Worker


Gentle Pelvic floor exercise to enable good bladder control and increased pleasure!


Carole Dessaigne

Heart Math Specialist

Yoga Instructor

Laughter Yoga


As the saying goes.. 'Theres nothing better for the Soul than laughter!' Join in this super fun workshop and experience the joy of laughter yoga. Leave feeling happy and with a big smile on your face!


Sound Bath


Grainne Courtis

Sound Therapist

Join Gráinne while she creates a safe space to gently but purposefully guide your mind to switch off from the daily stresses and worries you may experience in life. During the session you will be bathed in the sounds of Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, chimes and tuned pipes to bring balance to the body. This session is a fantastic way to experience sound therapy and to restore your bodies natural rhythms. It’s an incredibly positive way to help let go of any stresses or anxieties.


Empowered Nutrition




Nutritional Therapist

Don’t start the day without breakfast! or breaking your FAST. Apart from giving you energy for the day - having your first meal before noon, staves off cravings, and late night fridge raiding. Plus regulates blood sugar levels helping with maintaining a healthy weight.

In this workshop we share tips & make quick, nutrient packed breakfasts on the go – as we all know …..time is the biggest obstacle to eating healthier. We’ll also share some healthy weekend ideas or for those days where you have more time – these plant based tips are great for saving time, your health & environment!


Meditation & Gratitude


Laura Currie

Founder WAW &

Meditation Facilitator

In the evening will we hold a closing ceremony, giving thanks and gratitude.  We will enjoy a calming meditation leaving you feeling full of love & gratitude. You will leave feeling connected, heard and understood. 

Go fourth and continue to connect with your new Tribe and your new found inner peace. 

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