November 2020

Your Wellbeing Professionals




Laura Currie

WAW Founder &

Meditation Facilitator

We will be starting the day with a beautiful guided meditation created specifically for 'We Are Women Festival' In this gentle guided meditation I will be bringing your consciousness into this space and giving the mind the time and permission to slow down.



Laila Nippress

Yoga Instructor


Join Laila for a lovely, gentle morning yoga session. Wake up the body and get ready to enjoy a fun filled day! Great all over stretch, helping the body to loosen up, relax the muscles and de-stress.


Moon Mother


Moon Mother Women's Health Practitioner

Adele Wimsett

Adele supports women to acknowledge their female energy & empower them to connect with their cyclical nature. Every 28 days or so every woman cycles through the four female archetypes - Maiden (pre-ovulation), Mother (ovulation), Enchantress (pre-menstruation) and Crone (menstruation). Through this presentation Adele will introduce you to these female archetypes & provide practical tips about how to harness the power of your cycle to become an Optimised Woman.


90's Aerobics Class


Alice Ramcharran

Fitness Instructor


Alice will be running a fun 90's themed Aerobics class. We are asking you to have a bit of fun and dress bright and luminescent!

There will be a prize for the best outfit! 



Mood Boosting Essential oils  


Do Terra 

Essential Oil Specialist

In this fun workshop you will be learning how to use essential oils for enhancing your mood. Learn which oils help to  help to lift mood - How and Why they can have these beneficial effects on your mind and body.


Facial Yoga


Sarah Stone

Holistic Wellness 


In this Interactive workshop Sarah will be teaching you how to do self facial massage, focusing on pressure points helping to ease tense muscles, reducing stress. This is a great tool that can be used at anytime to help you to relax.

This is going to be a super fun and informative workshop. 

Nova Barton

Laughter Yoga 


Laughter Yoga


As the saying goes.. 'Theres nothing better for the Soul than laughter!' Join in this super fun workshop and experience the joy of laughter yoga. You'll be left feeling really happy and with a big smile on your face!

Get your family to join in, especially the kids!


Sound Bath


Grainne Courtis

Sound Therapist

Join Gráinne while she creates a safe space to gently but purposefully guide your mind to switch off from the daily stresses and worries you may experience in life. During the session you will be bathed in the sounds of Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, chimes and tuned pipes to bring balance to the body. This session is a fantastic way to experience sound therapy and to restore your bodies natural rhythms. It’s an incredibly positive way to help let go of any stresses or anxieties.


Thanks & Gratitude


Laura Currie

Founder WAW &

Meditation Facilitator

In the evening will we hold a closing ceremony, giving thanks and gratitude.  You will leave feeling connected, calm and present. 

Go fourth and continue to connect with your new found inner peace. 

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