Information about the day

  1. What is the price of a ticket?

£18.00  - Super Early Bird

£24.00  - Standard 

£25.00  - Last Minute

£44.00 - The Divine Crystal Experience

- What is a Divine Crystal Experience Ticket?

This ticket gives you access to the full Women's Wellbeing Festival on Sunday 8th November, Plus you will receive a pre-recorded 45 Minute workshop on the Benefits of Crystals, the Energetic Properties and how to use Crystals. I will also touch on Crystals for Balancing Chakras. You will also Receive a 45 minute guided Crystal & Chakra Balancing Meditation. Plus a PDF on Crystals, Chakras & Energy Cleansing. These will all be sent out in the week after the festival, to be watched in your own time.

2. How is the Festival being Held?

The Festival is being held Online and will be live streamed over ZOOM. We send out a link the week running up to the festival. We will have a facebook group that you can join to the run up of the festival, which will still be accessible for 1 week afterwards. We do however have a permanent Women's Wellbeing FB Group which you can join at any time, that supports Women with Wellbeing Tips & Advice for Mind, Body and Soul. There is a link on the first page of this website at the bottom of the page.

3. What time does it start & finish?

The festival starts at 10.30am . You will be able to enter the Zoom Link from 10.00am to allow time for everyone to get settled for the Opening Ceremony. This also allows you time to test your computer and connection to make sure its working efficiently, as technical issues can occur. WAW  Festival aims to Finish at 16.45pm with a closing ceremony at 16.30pm.

4. Are there goods for Sale?

We will not be having any online stalls at this event but we may well be holding an online craft market in December. Please Like our Facebook page for updates on that.

5. How about breaks for Tea and Lunch?

We will have 10-15 minute breaks between most workshops. And we have allocated 30 minutes for lunch.

6. Is this event for women only?

Tickets are for Females only. As this event is being held online and you are partaking from your own home, its up to you who takes part with you. Mostly it is open - there will only be one workshop that is specifically geared towards Women.

7. Ive never done anything like this before, is it still ok for me to take part?

This event is for all women of all ages, whether you attend wellbeing events all the time or whether its your first time. There is something to suit everyones needs. This festival especially is geared towards having fun, letting go and being a bit silly with it. We at WAW feel that we all could do with some silly in our lives!

8. What do I need on the day?

Wear clothes that are comfortable that you can move in. And a yoga matt if you have one. Remember we are also giving away a prize to whoever manages to dress the most flamboyant and colourful. This of course is totally optional, but we feel that as we are not really getting the chance to dress up and go out at weekends we would do it for the festival to bring an extra bit of fun! What we would also recommend is creating a lovely environment for yourself, light candles, diffuse Essential Oils or Burn Incense. Have lots of cushions around you and a blanket to rest and snuggle in.

9. Ticket Refunds

If for some reason you couldn't attend the festival on the day there are no refunds, but you are more than welcome to pass your ticket onto someone else. You would however be refunded should we ever have to cancel an event or change the date of the event. If you are giving your ticket to someone else, please let us know their name as we will be checking off tickets to who attends on the day.