About Us

We Are Women is the Love Child of three Women who are each passionate about empowering, inspiring and supporting women in all aspects of life.  WAW has very feminine energy and grows organically. Each women and company that we work with seems to have similar ethos and motivation as we do. The universe is calling out to our tribe and we are coming together to create change.. And change starts from with in.

All of the workshops are all included in the price of the ticket. 
We have amazing stall holders, selling a range of  different products, from eco friendly items  - face creams & body creams, toiletries to crystals, sage smudge sticks, essential oils and all different types of Jewellery plus much more.
There are great therapists on the day offering Massage, Reiki, Crystal Energy Healing, Reflexology & Biofield Sound Healing. These therapies are to be paid on the day if you fancy treating yourself. 
Each event we hold a raffle - the Proceeds of the raffle go to a local charity.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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